Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My childhood strikes back

All this long I was wondering how would a reunion would be. Guest I wouldn't have to wait for another 5 more years to feel it. I just went through one 2 days ago. it wasn't much. A simple outing that celebrate all of my old friends birthday within May and June. We gather up in a public hall in my Bukit Changgang. We were heading to Sg. Congkak. This is not the jizz. (well I just wrote it down for the sake of warming up my fingers).

It's been 7 years since I meet them. whoah! dude that is awfully long. I'm pretty sure they'll should be different. (i'm assuming it's just a minor change). Things turn out to be a lot of different. to be honest only a few of them i managed to recognised. Most of them were aliens to me. (sorry guys) most of the guys I was able to recall but for girls most of them I didn't manage to recall. this is only after 7 years. i couldn't imagine in the next 10 years maybe how much would they change.

At first it was like in E.T, they were like talking in another language. the most funny thing is to be stared to be recognised. the eyes were staring right through you as if you were naked. the first 10 minutes is like everyone was like superman. scanning all the way as if you are left with only your undie on. its just odd thinking that we were friends before. now we are like strangers. imagine an alien with only his undie on n speaks in different language. scary right?

actually I want to focus only on one particular person. meeting her is like magic. its like being stab in the heart n dragged to oblivion and ressurected instantaneously. she has this aura making me anxious to know her. she's not even closed to serena vanderwoodsen. the moment i saw her i felt like my heart is begging cupid to help me this time. LoL. Her name was Atikah Razak. BTW, if by any chance she reads this hopefully she'll give me a chance. well i got her name when i asked her its not like i back door to get the name. The thing is i want to know her more being single for almost 2 years, i really lost my magic touch on women. (ayat cover padahal tkt kne reject) Yup I admit it I'm afraid of being rejected. i'm so low on self confidence. This girl i couldn't really remember from my childhood. right now the only thing i know about her is she's living in putra, studies in masterskill (taking lab thing that idk) n she is cute. 

the thing that i don't know that i really wanted to know is how to approach her?