Thursday, September 30, 2010


~Bittersweet 18~
            “Get off my daughter, for God’s sake!” bellowed Mr. Fart voice thunder in the rain bursting the ears who hear them. I was shocked. With glittering diamond panty held in the hand, I was inches away from pulling it off between the legs. I was thinking of the sweet memory “Gosh, the image of the panty stick in my mind for years surely”. The father of my ‘baby’ entered the room as the scene was getting a bit intense; he already peeped on us while we were fore playing. The master bedroom was decorated with roses and filled with sweet scent that brings up the romantic environment. Bed and floor were red as the petals of roses were all over it. But, the scene was crashed when her father came into the scene.
            I scramble off the bed trying to get pieces of my clothes that were all over in the room. Guys, what do you think would have happened. For sure the father would be chasing me with the most famous gun, the revolver, filled with six round aiming at my exclusive genital. I could only grab my t-shirt with my brief on, as fast as lightning I ran towards the window thinking of jumping out from the 10 stories apartment. Using all the ‘parkour’ skills that I have gather along these 18 mumbling years. Luckily, the sliding door of the apartment below me was open. I creep by the balcony and look into the dark apartment. Then I hurriedly entered the apartment. From the way this apartment looked, I thought that the people that stayed in the apartment were asleep. It looked rather luxury compared to my baby’s apartment. If only someone spotted me, inside the house, highly I will be suspected as Teh Boh Robbers which is in the top wanted list in this neighbourhood. The only thing that differ me from them is that I’m not wearing any pants.
            Seldom had I got into trouble, now I’m in another terribly deep shit by entering this house. The most important thing while running from my father in law to be, was that I didn’t have cash with me. Well sure you remember that I left the house with only brief and a t-shirt. The atmosphere was getting a bit cold that I felt my bone shivering. The rain started to fall heavily. Oh, if only I was in bed right now, sure I can get a good night sleep, but now I’m running from the ‘monster’. The chill really got me, clumsily with no pants on, I walk in the house trying to find something to cover my legs which was itching bitten by mosquitoes. From distance I heard sounds of police patrol cars, at that moment, my adrenaline was rushing. As I started to run, a flash of light blind my eyes like in the Men In White.
            The light was on.“Surprise! Happy birthday Joexchua!” What in the world is going on here? I’m stucked in the middle of a birthday party. Then, I realized that my name was not Joexchua. All the eyes were staring at me, the girls especially, checking me out. The moral values of this story, always put on your pants even in case of this story and never ‘do’ your girlfriend in her house.

PLIZZ... DOn'T JUdge... just read it... okay?


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